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The next 10 years, custom home industry will be in a period of vigorous development

At the beginning of 2015, there are two key hot words always appear in the home's lips: "Internet +" and "Industry 4.0", and thus led to a home industry to explore future development model "Enlightenment."

In 2014, President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang visited Germany and stressed the strategic industrial cooperation 4.0; early 2015, Premier Li Keqiang in two sessions for the first time put forward the "Internet +" concept for manufacturing companies to bring new ideas.

Custom furniture, as with the industrial mode of production 4.0 industry is closely combined with the most visible and largest home industry internet thinking for a time pushed to the cusp. China's potentially huge consumer demand at home, so the prospects for social home industry is expected to exceed the current mainstream real estate industry and the automotive industry. Industry insiders estimate that the next 10 years, custom industry will flourish in the period.

Industry 4.0 Key production highly digitized, networked, self-organizing machine

Custom furniture Keywords

Highly personalized needs of individual orders capacity, long cycle of goods and services, there is no stocking, production management highly digitized

A representative of automobile industry 3.0, custom furniture on behalf of Industry 4.0

"Industry 4.0 depicts the manufacturing vision for the future, following the steam engine applications, large-scale production and electronic information technology and other third industrial revolution, with information about the physical fusion system (CPS) as the basis, the production of highly digitized, networked machine marked by self-organization. "General Manager Li Jiacong still product delivery in an interview with the express reporter, said industry 4.0 in the final analysis is to meet the environment of the Internet, not only to support the customization needs of consumers, but also to re-model and production organization management system, establish efficient support custom product orders "wisdom chemical plant."

Traditional home is considered a representative of backward production capacity, and the emergence of custom furniture, but significantly changed the situation, the domestic industry will be pushed to the forefront of manufacturing industry. "If the auto industry is the representative industry 3.0, then the custom industry's own law, determined that it is representative of industry 4.0." One hundred victorious CEO Zhang Jian, said the industry is highly customizable individual needs of large individual orders, products long service period, no stocking, highly digitized production management, etc., in fact, already have industrial characteristics 4.0.

From order to production to delivery, custom furniture manufacturing process complex, long cycle, the need for a strong foundation for the CPS system, in order to ensure a smooth production process, this process also involves a lot of manpower and resources running and docking, far beyond the traditional home-made meaning. Zhang Jian said Regrettably, however, whether it is a layman's view is self-awareness within the industry, the majority still in custom furniture manufacturing industry for the traditional notion. The past two years, many companies do cross-border customization, including many well-known enterprises, including electrical appliances, arrive in high spirits, playing with toys is not the case in the minority, which is a very important reason is not well aware of custom furniture the industry attributes.

The rapid development of B over the next 10 years, custom industry

"The next 10 years, custom industry will usher in rapid development period" - I do not know since when, coincidentally popular since so many words in the custom industry, this view has become the consensus of a public sector heavyweights.

China's huge potential demand for household consumption, to provide sufficient evidence for this view. In 2014, according to the first "Chinese home building materials industry's first Development Report" data, home building materials industry, the scale of China has exceeded 4 trillion yuan. Also reported within the industry over the next 20 years, the real estate industry, home industry will go beyond sound. After 30 years of reform and opening, China's real estate industry has experienced a period of vigorous development, it is already quite mature. As the real estate industry, home businesses downstream, although the simultaneous development of the upstream business, its size is quite different. Zhang Jian said that the large-scale enterprise in the real estate industry 100 billion yuan, and look at the entire domestic industry, too few companies tens of billions, but in recent years in the ascendant custom furniture industry, the industry's leading enterprise-scale it two thirty million future there is huge room for development.

Lijia Cong said that as consumers become increasingly demanding high-quality home, custom furniture that addresses consumer demand for home space, and can be tailored according to consumer preferences, spatial dimensions and overall style, but also for the future maintenance and facilitate adjustment by the mainstream consumer groups like 80, 90 after. Entire custom home market share is also rapid expansion: product delivery is still more than 60% annual growth, a hundred years to win nearly double the pace, according to Sofia 2014 annual report, last year's growth rate also exceeded 30%.

Custom home prospects can also be seen from the side. Sofia Guangzhou Yin Daming, director of marketing, said the past two years to do cross-border custom furniture business is increasing, whether traditional furniture, building materials manufacturer, or from the cross-appliance maker, are trying to join the industry custom, attempt a share future customization industry will become the focus of much attention.