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Chinese Internet industry, the home improvement market Prospects

Internet home improvement is the use of Internet technology, complex home improvement process standardization through O2O mode, intensive, comprising providing design, building materials, construction, furniture, appliances, etc., decorated with soft assembly of one-stop home improvement services for the home improvement customers.

Said he is currently on the market for the Internet home improvement home improvement company, there are three, one is the Internet company to build the home improvement company, for example, has been dubbed the "millet Decoration" love space. Another is the traditional decoration company, it moved to the Internet. As nowadays some smart home improvement company, home to home through the Internet system, you can set up remote control. Another is decorated like platforms, such as Lynx home improvement e station, gives you a different brand decoration company. Development of Chinese home improvement electricity supplier industry there are three modes: C2C, B2C and O2O, several models characteristics vary.

Internet can circumvent the traditional home improvement home improvement process opaque artificially high prices and other issues to some extent. Traditional decoration in the interests of the parties to the relationship between the participants complex, can not work well together to complete the task of home improvement, resulting in upstream and downstream integration difficult, the low efficiency of the industrial chain. Traditional home improvement renovation cycle is 90 days, and the Internet is the decoration more than 45 days mainly to improve the efficiency of construction, decoration with mushrooms, for example, not only shorten the construction cycle than traditional decoration half, and more than double the number of orders traditionally decorated, thereby increasing the income of workers, rather than malice additional items in the traditional sense.

With the development of the Internet home improvement, I believe consumers increasingly choose to accept a letter on the Internet over the home improvement brand, optimistic about the home improvement renderings, building materials, quotations, orders after renovation cost breakdown of consumption in new ways, and, as such as Taobao the "Good" home improvement industry system will bring about a qualitative improvement. In the "Internet +" great environment, "Internet + Decoration" of homeopathy and health, comprehensive upgrade to reform the traditional home improvement industry has played a certain role. However, the current Internet home improvement market has not formed a dominant situation, various forces of various shapes, various models are being explored, the user needs only really solve the pain points of enterprise to stand out. Chinese Internet into the home improvement start period, but there are big differences in the pace of development segments: the sale of the electricity supplier website development, home building materials, soft hand accessories and other standardized products earlier. It is also the most mature; the later is exploring O2O mode decoration design, construction of hard-mounted vertical home platform the most rapid development.

In recent years, the home improvement industry unprecedented Internet boom, on the one hand decoration companies have "net" shop, on the other hand various websites and also involved in the decoration industry heavyweights capital, the home improvement industry of smoke suddenly electricity suppliers. In the "Internet +" in 2015 was promoted to the national level, the Internet home improvement transformation of traditional decoration industry is already beginning. Commercial Prospect Industrial Research Institute released "2016--2021 home improvement industry in China Internet Market Outlook and Investment Strategy Planning Analysis Report" pointed out that, after nine years of exploration period (2003-2011 years), China's Internet home improvement market accelerated growth starting in 2012, the market size in 2014 reached 119.7 billion yuan, by the end of 2015 exceeded 150 billion mark, 2016--2020 annual growth rate will remain at around 36%, large-scale development of the market, the development of the Internet home improvement great potential.